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"The first time I had some extra money in my pocket, shortly after graduate school, I bought a plane ticket to Italy. I arrived in Rome, and with my large-format camera in a backpack and no particular agenda, I got on a train headed south. On that trip, I met a couple traveling home to Sicily with their daughter. I suspect now that they were concerned for me - a young, inexperienced traveler with little knowledge of the Italian language, wandering into Sicily. As they learned of my plans, or lack thereof, they invited me to stay with them and their extended family in Lentini. It was a remarkable and influential experience, and it was the beginning of a thirty-year relationship with a forgotten little city and its lovely residents. "
-From introduction by Andrea Modica

Lentini by Andrea Modica, 2019
7 x 8.5" softcover
48 pages, offset
First Edition, limited edition